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Candidate Wives As Campaign Issues. By carlanthonyonline. The Melania Trump ad used in the Utah primary. Whether this was in reference to a substantial loan that Mrs. These are the first and the fourth pages:.

Austin police report on Heidi Cruz incident first made public by buzzfeed.

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In the last half-century, efforts to negatively characterize presidential candidates by focusing on details about their spouses have become routine. Ann Romney satirized in a political cartoon as Marie Antoinette.

The Clintons during the primaries. Anything said this year about Bill Clinton as a presidential spouse is likely to seem mild compared to what was said about his wife when he was a presidential candidate himself in The Clintons during the general election.

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In between were tee-shirts, buttons and bumper stickers deriding and demeaning her. Conservative supporters of her husband suggested that Nancy Reagan Slutty wives of Eau Claire be a better role model for the nation because she lived by higher moral values than Betty Ford, wife of moderate candidate, because she had consulted Claiire therapist for emotional problems, and expressed her understanding of young CClaire experimenting with marijuana and living together before marriage.

That year, a U. Lady Bird Johnson speaking in Alabama during the campaign.

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The implication was that, by willful negligence, she was at best a hypocrite, at worst a bigot. The fact that Mrs.

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That year, Republicans claimed that Jacqueline Kennedy, wife of the Democratic candidate, was an elitist snob at odds with the average American, having studied at the Sorbonne, been celebrated as a Newport debutante, indulging in fox hunting and wearing a wardrobe of expensive Parisian couture.

Eisenhower first emerged as the reluctant challenger to Republican U. Wvies Robert Taft.

Slutty wives of Eau Claire Eisenhower during the campaign. Divorce was avoided as a point of attack on Florence Harding, wife of the Republican presidential candidate Warren Harding during the campaign only because the Democratic candidate James Cox had a history of marital infidelity.

In wvies private letter, the Democratic vice-presidential candidate Franklin D.

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Florence Harding and her husband reading congratulatory telegrams and election return reports on Election Night Slutty wives of Eau Claire circulated the tale that the Democratic-Republican candidate James Madison had Clairw his wife Dolley Madison sexually available to the widowed incumbent President Thomas Jefferson for his endorsement, turning her into, well, a political whore.

James and Dolley Madison as they appeared in Anna Cutts, Mrs.

That year, legal documents and eyewitness accounts were used to pin the charge of lawlessness Sarah Mississippi cam chat phone Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Jackson in proving that his wife Rachel Jackson had technically been Slutty wives of Eau Claire bigamist.

The divorce decree between Rachel Jackson and her first husband Lewis Robards. Despite being a lawyer, Jackson had gone ahead and married her, failing to first verify the claim that her first husband Lewis Robards had divorced her.

For about two years, Rachel Jackson was married to two men, allowing Robards to finally divorce Rachel on the grounds of adultery.

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Newspapers belittled the intellectual qualifications of Whig presidential candidate, the Mexican War hero General Zachary Taylor through observational editorializing that reported his appearances and remarks at public events. When his wife Peggy Taylor was Slutty wives of Eau Claire him, her appearance and mannerisms were described in a way that made her an unsophisticated rural hayseed, reluctant to leave her ramshackle backwoods cottage.

The Slutty unwittingly encouraged this caricature, telling stories of how she was Pussy tonight Ironton OH that he would lose the election.

The young and beautiful Frances Cleveland, who had married the older, portly incumbent President in the White House inproved so wildly popular that Republicans challenging Slutty wives of Eau Claire in the election two years later feared she could tip the electorate in is favor.

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Her appearance at the theater one night with a male escort other than her husband prompted a rapidly-spreading Slutty wives of Eau Claire that she was having an affair and that the President routinely battered his wife.

It got so bad that Mrs. Cleveland finally felt forced to issue a Eak denial of the tale, the first time in history such an incident occurred. William and Ida McKinley seated on their front porch during the campaign. A pamphlet defending her reputation was even circulated at the Democratic National Convention.

Nellie Taft liked to surf, smoke, drink and gamble. Throughout much of the presidential election, Nellie Taft made the effort to be rarely seen in public, hiding her Woman want sex tonight Buckeye advice from the public by advising her husband only through private correspondence and phone calls while he was on the campaign trail.

When she could be observed by strangers, she was assiduously cautious Slutty wives of Eau Claire all her words and deeds. There finally came one Sunday afternoon at a remote western lodge when she finally allowed herself to relax in the main room by enjoying one of her favorite indulgences, hot games of poker.

Suddenly, after several rounds it dawned on her that other lodge patrons were pausing to watch her card games.

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Luckily, few knew that Nellie Taft was a heavy drinker and smoker. And once on Waikiki, she even surfed.

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First LadiesPresidential Campaigns and Elections. You must log in to post a comment. Heidi Cruz.

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Rachel Jackson. Peggy Taylor. Share this: Like this: Like Loading Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.