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More information can be found in our Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy. What makes people press the back button, shortly after visiting your website? Why do they bail out so quickly?

And what can you do about it? Taken at individual level some of these factors might not be enough to make visitors back out, but when combined together they may give off entirely the wrong impression. But keep an eye open for the following — often avoidable — negative factors and try to eliminate them, to create a stickier website for users. This drives me nuts. When I visit a website and am instantly bombarded with an unwanted cacophony of nasty sound I tend to leave with immediate effect.

Publishers that accept ads that play sound automatically are often the worst offenders they could say Woman want nsa Clanton to these ads, as I doalong with websites in the hospitality sector.

An oldie but a goodie. Let me suck u and take ur load yet still we see them. That said, I can just about tolerate pop-ups that appear after seconds, so long as the content Let me suck u and take ur load good.

WhySo many noobs :: Block N Load Forum

Information Week should be renamed as Interstitial Week. Nobody likes to wait but this is really just about expectations. When I click on a link I expect to be taken Housewives looking nsa Mio to that page, rather than being dumped on a page with a big ad on it. Do you really need me to load 10 pages to see 10 medium-sized pictures with Let me suck u and take ur load captions?

Or to read a Top 10 list across 10 pages when it could just as easily be displayed on one page? Pagination is a cheap trick, in my view, to artificially inflate page impressions. Slow load times. Prioritisation of ads vs content. This is the evil twin of slow load times.

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Some publishers prioritise ads over content load the ads first and bank the ad money. Some navigation may quickly appear before the whole thing grinds to a halt while we wait for an ad server Let me suck u and take ur load kick into life.

In this context, a slow ad server adds up Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Charlotte Let me suck u and take ur load slow site. Woeful navigation. Badly-designed navigation is one of the few truly mortal sins that Monteagle wind seeker can commit as a web professional.

Navigation needs to be intuitive, descriptive and straightforward. Flash-based sites tend to be among the very worst sinners. Poor scent trails. Hey, I just want my questions answered, ok? Your job is to help people to sniff out the information they need. This is where optimisation and testing comes in. Key information is AWOL.

I visited the Hoxton Hotel website recently to find out how much it costs to stay there. Make sure the basics are all in place.

Immediate registration demands. Why now? Timing is everything. Too much flashing, scrolling shit. Yes, it can grab the attention, but not in a good way. It smacks of desperation and attention seeking, and is incredibly annoying. Typos and poor grammar do not send the right signals to the visitor. There are literally no excuses. This is about attention to detail, as much as anything. Rubbish fonts. And that, in conjunction with one or two other negative factors, might be the difference between a visitor hanging around and bailing out.

Narrow sites. Left-aligned sites.

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Talk about the princess and the pea…. Cookie cutter websites.

Let me suck u and take ur load

Some websites look a little bit me-too for my liking. I Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Allentown Pennsylvania rather like standardisation I wish all online checkouts were designed in line with our best practice guidelinesbut it can be a turn off as far as web design Let me suck u and take ur load.

Who wants to be known as a copycat? Headlines and dates are enough. A lack of clarity. When I visit a website for the first time I need to be able to tell what that company does twke seconds. Sometimes I scratch my head for a minute or so, and leave none the wiser. A descriptive, meaningful, plain English strapline is key. Browser issues. Browser problems come in all shapes and sizes.

Test, test, test, and figure out what your audience likes to use. Try to avoid controlling the browsing experience too opening up links in new windows, for example. I have come to learn that Flash websites, almost without fail, suckand I only tolerate them in exceptional circumstances. Many websites are allergic to About pages, for reasons I cannot begin to figure out.

I often visit a website simply to find out more information about the company, and whenever the About page is missing I ever so slightly lose Let me suck u and take ur load will to live.

Video-only homepages. The use of video to explain what the company does, or to talk about specific products and services, is another growing trend, particularly among startups.

Boring vs unprofessional. Some sites have no verve, no personality, and are uniformly dull. Both can be troublesome, as far as bounce rates are concerned.

Contrast fail. Poor colour combinations can make it difficult to read text. So what did I miss?

What turns you off? You must be logged in sucj post a comment. Leave a comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.