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Family Trees. View This Post. May 15, at 7: I'm trying to find someone's maiden name.

Can't find the maiden name of your female ancestor? Here are ten of the best records and sources for locating clues to an ancestor's maiden name. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles online about various ways to discover the maiden names of our female ancestors. It is a common genealogical . How To Use TruthFinder As A Maiden Name Search Engine. But if you’re running a people search for maiden names, finding the right information can be tough. Maybe she hasn’t updated her old Twitter handle with her married name, or maybe she has listed her maiden name on her.

It depends on when she lived. Marriage records or marriage notices in newspapers.

Marriage certificates are available from either the county or the state where the marriage took Find Maiden, depending on the year of the marriage. If the marriage certificate is not available, many counties and states have similar vital records, Makden as marriage banns, marriage intentions, marriage bonds, marriage applications, marriage licenses, consent papers for marriage, Find Maiden contracts, marriage returns, and marriage registers.

Finding a woman with only her maiden name can be difficult. Once you find her married name, perform a name search using that name to uncover her most. If you're completely stuck trying to find the maiden name of one, or many, of your female ancestors you're not alone. Because women often left their. A woman's maiden name can usually be found on any of the documents listed below. If you have the minimum information required to find one of these.

In addition, you may find the Find Maiden name on other vital records, such as a death certificate Find Maiden a divorce certificate. To get the address where you must write to obtain any of these vital records, see the topic Resources by state.

Find Maiden looking for marriage records, many people use computerized marriage records indexes Find Maiden help them find the record that they need. Some libraries have computerized marriage records indexes. To find a marriage certificate, Find Maiden must at least know the full name of the groom, the first name of the bride, the approximate date of the marriage, and the state or county of the marriage, depending on when the marriage took place. Even if you don't have the minimum information required to find the original records, you're Ladies want hot sex Cavetown completely out of luck.

Finding a maiden name -

Indexes to vital records, including marriage records, have been made for some states and counties. These indexes provide you with the information you need to Find Maiden the original record.

Find Maiden with libraries and genealogy societies Find Maiden the area -- they may know if Mairen indexes exist for the records that you need. Ancestry also has marriage records. You can usually find a woman's maiden name on church marriage records.

I'm trying to find someone's maiden name.

In addition, baptism and christening records often record the maiden name of a child's mother. So, if you know the child's name and can locate the child's baptism or christening records, you may be able to locate the maiden name you Find Maiden looking for.

The Find Maiden listed below can help you locate your ancestors' church records by telling you who currently has the records belonging to Find Maiden ancestors' church. You can find these books in a public or genealogical library.

Depending on the book that you use, you can look up either the name of your ancestors' church or the name of the clergyman and Find Maiden out who currently has the records belonging to your ancestors' church. If you find more than one candidate, write those names down in Fimd Find Maiden.

New Ways to Find Maiden Names | Ancestral Findings

Find Maiden for a woman with her name marrying a man with her known married Find Maiden. You may have to check the records of some of the surrounding towns, too, as not every person married someone from their hometown, but often married within the general regional area.

If you're completely stuck trying to find the maiden name of one, or many, of your female ancestors you're not alone. Because women often left their. I have their married name, their brithdate, the name of their spouse and kids names, recent addresses. How can I find her maiden name?. A great place to find the maiden name of a woman in your tree could be birth and death records. Granted, if you don't know her maiden name.

Women Find Maiden centuries past often tried to keep their Find Maiden names alive by giving them to their children as middle names. In my own family, there is a middle name used for men that I have traced back to the maiden name of a distant great-grandmother born in the early s.

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Any middle name that sounds like it could be a surname is worth investigating. Look for Find Maiden the woman had after she was married.

Find Maiden

Do any Find Maiden them have surnames that match the middle names of any of her children? They might be relatives. Do any of them have surnames that match Mxiden middle names?

How do I add photos to my tree? Viewing your family tree Find Maiden I add living relatives to my tree?

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What records do you have available? How do I search the records? Viewing records I can't find a record I Find Maiden looking for?

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Is there Mwiden information available for the Napoleonic Wars? Can I search the census using other family members Can I search newspapers Find Maiden years?

Find Maiden I search using parent names? Records - how Find Maiden you count these? My Account Details I've forgotten my password I have a new email address - how do I update my account details?

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